How to Prevent Shiny Iron Marks?

Answer Ironing is already enough of a chore without adding the incovenience of shiny marks. The marks, which often show up on polyester garments, occur when the too-hot iron melts a bit of the material. Y... Read More »

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How to Remove Shiny Seat Marks from Trousers?

Shiny seat marks on trousers won't always come off with an ordinary wash. Here is what to do to reduce that shine and make them appear as new again.

How to Get Shiny Hair While Using a Flat Iron?

Almost every girl wants shiny hair and as little damage as possible while using a flat iron. If this is you, read on my friend!

How to Shiny, Messy Haphazard Waves Without a Curling Iron?

You no longer need a curling iron and massive amounts of hairspray to get natural-looking waves. Now, flat irons with rounded edges make curling simple. With the right products and the right techni... Read More »

How to Get Iron Marks out of Nylon?

Nylon has delicate synthetic fibers which can easily be susceptible to iron burn marks if the temperature exceeds low heat of one to two iron setting degrees. A burned or scorched stain on nylon fa... Read More »