How to Prevent Rust on Cars?

Answer Cars are a big financial investment. That's why car owners want them to run and look good for as long as possible. One reason is to avoid having to buy another car too soon. Keeping your ride in go... Read More »

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How to Prevent Rust on Older Cars?

Rust on cars starts with a single chip in the paint finish and eventually spreads over the entire surface. Rust on cars often stems from long-term exposure to road salt in colder regions. If you wa... Read More »

How to Fix Rust Holes in Cars?

Rust can eat through metal until there is nothing left, causing a large hole in the body or floor of a car. Rust holes weaken the strength of a car's body panels and might allow fumes and dust to g... Read More »

How to Use CLR Rust Removal on Cars?

Rust occurs when untreated iron oxidizes in the presence of water or humidity. The metal on cars is painted with polyurethane-based paints to protect the body and frame from rust. Time and exposure... Read More »

How to Fix Rust Spots in Cars?

Most autos get rust stains at some point. As the car ages the rust-proof coating gradually wears away. This leaves the car susceptible to rusting. When the underlying metal of the auto is continuou... Read More »