How to Prevent & Repair Car Scratches?

Answer Preventing damage to your car is much easier than getting it fixed. You can usually repair minor scratches at home. Scratches that don't stretch below the car's color-coat only need a bit of sandin... Read More »

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How to prevent scratches on Sperrys?

I'm not sure if you can, but my favourite Sperrys have a few scratches .. but I think it gives them character .xx

How to Prevent Scratches on Hardwood Floors?

Have you scratched up your hardwood floor in the past while moving tables or furniture? Here are some tips to prevent your hardwood floors from being scratched!

How to Repair DVD Scratches?

It's never a good feeling when you insert a DVD into a DVD player, and all you hear is the machine whirring trying to read the DVD. It's an even worse feeling when you see the words "Disc read erro... Read More »

How to Repair Car Scratches?

Even those people who go out of their way to protect their car can still end up with a few scratches on their vehicle. A curious animal, a driver who gets a little too close, or children playing ne... Read More »