How to Prevent Puffy Swollen Eyes?

Answer Many possible reasons such as stress, fluid retention, allergies, and hormone changes can cause puffy swollen eyes. Healthy habits will cost you nothing but help you prevent swelling around your ey... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Puffy or Swollen Eyes?

Heredity Having the tendency to develop swollen puffy bags under the eyes can be caused by heredity. There are dermatological and surgical procedures to diminish this problem. Stress Stress is ofte... Read More »

How do I Get Rid of Swollen Eyes & Puffy Eyelids?

Most people have experienced swollen eyelids and puffy eyes. The condition is embarrassing, makes people appear tired and sometimes causes difficulty in opening the eyes. These eye issues may be th... Read More »

How to Prevent Puffy Eyes After Crying?

Crying can be a terrific emotional release, and sometimes you just can't stop it from happening. Crying, however, can lead to puffy eyes. This is uncomfortable and unattractive, and can be a proble... Read More »

Tips on Dark Circles Under Eyes & Puffy Eyes?

Dark circles and puffy eyes can affect both men and women, however women tend to have more concerns with this problem. There are treatments to help rid yourself of dark circles and eye puffiness, i... Read More »