How to Prevent Overlapping When Bleaching Roots?

Answer Touching up your hair color as your roots grow out is a daunting task to undertake at home. if you miss spots, they will show. If you overlap fresh bleach onto previously bleached hair, the hair co... Read More »

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Help with bleaching my roots!?

DO NOT USE A BOX COLOR .. you can never be too sure what color you will have come out. If you are trying to match your roots to your platinum hair color you will need to bleach your hair since you ... Read More »

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How to Correct Orange Roots When Bleaching Hair Blonde?

Orange roots are a result of using a hair color and developer that was not strong enough to lift your hair past the orange stage. This typically happens when those with black or dark brown hair att... Read More »

How to Prevent Roots in Drains?

Tree roots can become invasive as the plant grows. They can push up sidewalks and driveways, undermine your foundation and choke out other plant species. One of the worst effects of rampant tree ro... Read More »