How to Prevent Outlook Email From Changing Text in a Forwarded Message?

Answer Microsoft Outlook helps you send, receive, manage and search through your email messages using an interface common to other Microsoft Office products. By default, Outlook is configured to display t... Read More »

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How Do I Create an Email Message Template or an Email Message Form in Outlook 2007?

Microsoft Outlook 2007 makes it easy to manage nearly any email account directly from your desktop. Outlook offers a pair of features that allow you to save message information for use with later e... Read More »

How to Tell If a Message Is Read on Outlook Email?

When you send an important email message and you do not receive a quick response, you may wonder if the recipient has read the message yet. Outlook provides a feature that allows you to find out. W... Read More »

How can I send a text message via email?

Along with the spread of cell phone use, text messaging has become an increasingly popular way for people to stay in contact. These brief messages are limited to 160 characters, but reduce the need... Read More »

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