How to Prevent My Macbook From Being Traced?

Answer Although Apple computers are less susceptible to viruses commonly found on PCs they are still vulnerable to being traced as well as phishing, which is the act of retrieving your personal informatio... Read More »

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What Would Prevent My Macbook From Overheating?

Apple states that all products follow the user-accessible surface temperature limits guidelines set by the International Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment, however the bottom ... Read More »

Is Apple's macbook air really worth getting Does it trump the $2,499 model macbook pro?

It really depends on your need. The MacBook Air truly is a portable computer that is probably best for someone who wants something portable to travel with or to do light computing tasks. Bear in mi... Read More »

How to Copy a Hard Drive From One Macbook to New Macbook Pro?

Moving data from one computer to another is simplified on Apple Macintosh computers running the Mac OS X operating system, such as MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops. You can copy a hard drive from o... Read More »

Can webmail be traced?

Webmail is not traceable. Webmail services like Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, are email services that reside on the web, but the companies hosting them keep the information private, and gene... Read More »