How to Prevent Mice in Blower Motors?

Answer Serious damage and large repair costs might be the result if a mouse crawls into your blower motor or builds a nest in it. Proven methods of prevention -- that work on all vehicles - prevent mice f... Read More »

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How to Install Cadillac Blower Motors?

All Cadillac models employ a blower motor to push air into the cabin of the car. The blower motor is located on the firewall of the vehicle behind the air-conditioning vents. Over time, the blower ... Read More »

How to Remove Fan Cages From Blower Motors?

Replacing the blower motor on your furnace requires removing the fan cage and motor from the furnace together. Once you have the assembly out of the furnace, you still need to remove the fan cage f... Read More »

Instructions for Replacement Furnace Blower Motors?

The blower assembly in your furnace includes the blower wheel and its housing, the temperature control switches, the fan capacitor and the motor. The purpose of the fan capacitor is to provide torq... Read More »

How to Repair 1996 Honda Accord Blower Motors?

Typically, when you turn the output dial on your heater fan controls, more hot air will flow through the heat vents on your Accord. Over time, the motor that regulates how much heat is pushed into ... Read More »