How to Prevent Headlights From Yellowing?

Answer The headlights of modern cars are constructed from polycarbonate plastic. This gives the headlights more durability, but it can also result in a potentially dangerous buildup of oxidation. Oxidatio... Read More »

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How to Prevent Auto Headlamps From Yellowing?

The headlamps on your vehicle should remain clear so the light can shine through as brightly as possible. Over time, headlamps can become yellow from exposure to ultraviolet rays and other environm... Read More »

How to Brighten Your Car's Yellowing Headlights?

Are you having trouble seeing your headlights on a dark road? that yellowing on your headlights is Plastic/Polycarbonate oxidation. i will walk you through 2 different methods to bring new life bac... Read More »

How to Prevent Plastic Auto Headlights From Getting Scratched & Cloudy?

Scratches and cloudiness on car headlights are not only a superficial annoyance, but dangerous as well. In this damaged condition, headlights are dim, ineffective and a safety hazard. Cloudiness is... Read More »

Yellowing Leaves From Overwatering?

The leaves of a plant are the first places symptoms of stress appear. Because lush, green foliage symbolizes a healthy plant, yellowing leaves cause concern and raise alarm. When identifying the ca... Read More »