How to Prevent Further Action of a Lien Being Placed on a Property?

Answer Debts can lead to a lien being filed against a property. Contractors can file a mechanic's lien for delinquent payments stemming from work on the home. A client or business that received a judgment... Read More »

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Can a Lien Be Placed on Community Property in a Marriage?

Marital community property laws involve the concept that the two people in the marriage are equal partners, not necessarily that they merged into one entity. Within a marriage, there is both separa... Read More »

Can a lien placed by condo assoc on property that is paid for show on credit report?

Yes.A lien is a matter of public record and the credit bureaus will pick it up and add it to your record.

Does a homeowners association in Florida have to give notice to the property owner of their intent to file a lien prior to filing a lien?

Read your governing documents to determine your responsibilities and how they figure into any lien process. Usually, your assessments represent a statutory lien on your title, which is made formal ... Read More »

Can the owner of a property with a tax lien sign the property over to a third party?

Once the Internal Revenue Service puts a tax lien on a property, the property owner can no longer transfer the property to another person. The owner needs a clear title before the property can be t... Read More »