How to Prevent Freezing in Air Brake Lines?

Answer Prolonged exposure to cold weather can cause air brake lines on construction equipment, buses and other heavy duty vehicles to freeze. Frozen air brake lines present potentially serious safety issu... Read More »

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How to Prevent Rusty Brake Lines?

Brake lines carry brake fluid from the master cylinder to the slave cylinders in the wheels. They must be kept in good condition to prevent accidents, fire or rusting. If overlooked, brake lines ca... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Computer from Freezing?

It is not really recommended to take your computer outdoors in sub-zero temperatures but some of us are biologists, explorers, Inuit, ice fishers and addicts who simply must take the computer along... Read More »

How to Prevent Birdbaths From Freezing?

Having a birdbath in your garden or backyard is not only a practical and functional basin for the birds but also a pleasant aesthetic element in a natural environment. Technically, a birdbath is a ... Read More »

How to Prevent Fuel Oil for an Oil Furnace from Freezing?

Oil delivery truckFuel oils (both clear Diesel fuel and dyed Home Heating Oil) do not "freeze" but rather "gel" or thicken to a soft wax. This begins to occur below 32F, when the fuel starts to bec... Read More »