How to Prevent Electrical Shock?

Answer You can prevent electric shocks by plugging in plastic socketcovers and if you are a responsible adult try and keep water and electricity as far away as possible, try and keep away from younger chi... Read More »

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How to Treat a Victim of Electrical Shock?

Electric shock accidents are caused by an electric current from a mechanical source passing through the body. The effects from a shock can be anything from a tingling to instant death. Knowing what... Read More »

Can a vacuum cleaner shock you when unplugged what other electrical equipment can?

Frigidaire was brand name which was shortend to "Fridge" and used generically to all brands.

Can an electrical shock hurt the fetus of a pregnant woman?

ABSTRACTQUESTION A 24-year-old patient of mine, who was 23 weeks pregnant at the time, suffered a minor electric shock while using her hair dryer. She said she felt the current in her right hand an... Read More »

I am having electrical shock tingling itching sensations all over my body, bilaterally including sometimes...?

Hmmm... I'm trying to figure out exactly what you mean by shocking sensations. Do you have restless leg? I've got restless leg that makes me twitch . It's not just at night - any time I'm trying ... Read More »