How to Prevent Dry Skin in a Dog?

Answer Just like people, dogs can suffer from dry skin. Usually, an owner firsts notices this because the dog starts scratching and/or the dog's skin is visibly flaking. Many issues can cause dry skin in ... Read More »

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How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation of the Skin?

Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin and nails that is often caused by excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, as well as some medical conditions. Hyperpigmentation is marked by a... Read More »

How to Prevent Scaly Skin?

Scaly skin can be uncomfortable at best. Typically it evolves from very dry skin, which can be itchy and irritating. Scaly skin often turns red and forms patches on the skin and can be difficult to... Read More »

How to Prevent Skin on Custard?

The main ingredients of custard are eggs and milk. Custards can be made to eat alone, or custards can be added to other dessert dishes. Most custards are sweet, but there are some that are savory. ... Read More »

How to Prevent Wrinkled Skin?

Wrinkled skin is part of the natural aging process as the skin begins to lose its elasticity and starts to sag. Two main contributors of skin wrinkles are exposure to the sun and lack of water in t... Read More »