How to Prevent Deleting the Recycle Bin in Vista?

Answer The Recycle Bin is a feature of the Windows operating system that lets you temporarily delete files and folders. The files and folders placed in the Recycle Bin are not permanently deleted until yo... Read More »

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Can you delete roblox by putting it in the recycle bin and then deleting it from there?

no that doesn't work. 1. click start 2.You have to go to control panel. 3. then you see something called program right under it in little letters it says "uninstall a program"4. you click on that a... Read More »

How do you unreplace a lost file like un deleting something from recycle bin?

I think U canUse this UtilityFile Scavenger® can also recover files from a reformatted or corrupted volume even when the volume has been deleted and its original position and size are unknown. Fil... Read More »

How do I prevent a slide from being seen without deleting it in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint (version 2007 and later)Click on the "Slide Show" tab on the Ribbon. Select the slide to hide, then click the "Hide Slide" button.PowerPoint (earlier versions)Select the slide to hide. F... Read More »

How do I prevent a User in windows xp from deleting a file?

just make the file read only right click and properties check read only. But for security they should have a separate login in for file permissions to work.