How to Prevent Bubbles in Slumping Bottles?

Answer Slumping bottles is an increasingly popular way to make functional art by collapsing glass bottles to make cheese trays, cutting boards or anything else you can come up with. Some people like havin... Read More »

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When bubbles form in water bottles at room temperature is it safe to drink or store in fridge?

It is safe to drink as long as it is not expired. You may check the expiration date on the top of the water bottle. if you can't see it, rub your thumb near the top until you can feel a scratchy sp... Read More »

How to Prevent Bubbles in Polyurethane Floor Finish?

Polyurethane is the gloss floor finish of choice these days, as it's easier to work with and tougher than varnish, shellac and other, older glosses. You apply the polyurethane to the floor with a g... Read More »

How to Prevent Air Bubbles When Applying False Fingernails?

Applying artificial fingernails is a quick way to achieve attractive hands. It can be tricky to apply artificial nails without getting air bubbles underneath them. Air bubbles are not only unattrac... Read More »

How to Prevent Air Bubbles When Applying False Finger Nails?

With so many styles of false fingernails available for do-it-yourself application, you may want to skip the salon and try it at home. Applying false finger nails at home can be tricky; in addition ... Read More »