How to Prevent Brake Line Corrosion?

Answer Brake lines are the systems of tubes that carry brake fluid from the main cylinder to the brakes themselves. Most of the system is steel tubing, while some is a reinforced flexible material. As a v... Read More »

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How to Prevent Filiform Corrosion?

Filiform corrosion appears on thinly coated metals. Affected steel or aluminum coated with silver, enamel, lacquer, tin or phosphate appear cracked and lumpy due to this type of corrosion. It occur... Read More »

How to Prevent Auto Battery Corrosion?

Corrosion on automobile batteries is a naturally occurring process, caused by the sulfuric acid used in the batteries. When the battery is in use, the sulfuric acid releases small amounts of hydrog... Read More »

How do I clean& prevent corrosion on a car battery?

Clean the BatteryMix 2 tbsp. of baking soda in approximately 1 pint of warm water. Dip an old rag in this solution to clean your battery, wiping down the plastic case as well as the top of the batt... Read More »

How to Prevent Stress Corrosion Cracking?

Stress corrosion cracking, which results from the combined effects of stress and corrosion, occurs as a result of combining three controlling influences--a susceptible metal, tensile stresses, and ... Read More »