How to Prevent Baldness Among Women?

Answer Going bald isn't something most people look forward to, and, for women, it can be quite embarrassing. There are many reasons why women lose their hair, including stress, pregnancy or birth control ... Read More »

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How to Prevent Baldness in Men?

While there can be numerous factors that result in hair loss, such as extreme stress from illness or surgery, most men are genetically predisposed to baldness from a condition called androgenic alo... Read More »

What Causes Baldness in Women?

While men can go to extremes to disguise their bald heads, it's accepted that some men will and do go bald and many wear "cue ball" heads with pride. However, female hair loss can be more psycholog... Read More »

What are the causes of baldness in women?

Female baldness is not caused by the same problems that cause male baldness, which is primarily related to genetics. As a result, a woman may be surprised to find she is losing her hair. Female hai... Read More »

Is that true if aloe vera can prevent baldness?