How to Pressure-Test a Cylinder Head?

Answer The combustion chamber must contain hot gases if the engine is to work efficiently and last a long time. The cylinder head forms the top of the combustion chamber and contains the exhaust and inta... Read More »

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Why Is There No Pressure in My Car's Cylinder Head?

Engines are basically big air pumps that suck oxygen in, combine it with fuel, squeeze it till it goes boom and then expel it. While engines can tolerate some failure or restriction in the sucking-... Read More »

How to Test the Pressure in a CO2 Cylinder?

CO2 cylinders are canisters of compressed carbon dioxide that are frequently used in beverage systems and other technology. CO2 canisters are what give soft drinks their fizz in restaurants; smalle... Read More »

How do I test for a bad cylinder head?

An engine's cylinder head contains the intake and exhaust valves, and also the combustion chamber. Cylinder heads are subject to extreme temperatures and pressure, which makes them susceptible to p... Read More »

What Is a Cylinder Head Gasket Leak Test?

A head gasket creates the seal between the engine block and head. A cylinder head gasket leak test is a method of determining if the head gasket has failed without removing the head and visually in... Read More »