How to Press Out VW Beetle Ball Joints?

Answer Removing VW Beetle ball joints is extremely difficult. The ball joints are pressed into the upper and lower control arms and need to be removed with a special tool. When removing the joints, you wi... Read More »

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How to Check for Bad Ball Joints?

Ball joints allow your steering and suspension to work together. After a period of wear, ball joints need to be replaced. Check them periodically or you risk the ball joint failing and your wheel c... Read More »

How to Install BMW Ball Joints?

The only ball joints that can be replaced on a BMW are the lower ball joints. If the upper ball joints need serviced, you will have to change the entire control arm. To complete this project, you w... Read More »

Types of Ball Joints?

Of all the types of ball joints, the most common is the automotive ball joint. It is part of the chassis and consists of the outer housing, the ball stud, bearings, an end cover and a washer or spr... Read More »

How to Check Ball Joints?

Ball joints are used to connect car's suspension system to control arms and steering knuckles. Ball joints allow your suspension system to move while the vehicle is steered. The number and location... Read More »