How to Preserve Automotive Rubber?

Answer Automotive rubber is used for a variety of purposes such as rubber bumpers, window and door trim, windshield gaskets, and decorative molding. Rubber is also used for engine gaskets, seals, and fuel... Read More »

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Can you glue rubber to rubber cement?

You cannot glue rubber to rubber cement, however, you can use rubber cement to glue rubber to another object. Apply a thin coat of rubber cement to both surfaces that you want to glue together. All... Read More »

How to Preserve Spices?

Spices come from the seeds, roots or bark of plants. They often have a stronger flavor than herbs, which come from the tender foliage and flowers of plants. Some popular spices include cinnamon, gi... Read More »

How to Preserve Peppercorns?

People usually dry white and black peppercorns to preserve them, and typically brine the under-ripe green peppercorns. Brined green peppercorns can spice up seafood dishes or salads, and they have ... Read More »

How to Preserve Rutabagas?

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