How to Present Food for Children?

Answer Children are notoriously picky eaters and they often need prompting to try something new. Sweet and salty foods are favorite foods for many kids but these selections are not healthy for growing bod... Read More »

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How to Present Food on a Plate?

Food can be art.Presenting food well is all part of the show that is cooking. From historical extravaganzas such as live birds that fly from a pie, to modern day garnishes with unexpected twists, f... Read More »

What was the name of the two children that the Ghost of Christmas Present showed to Ebenezer Scrooge?

What evidence do you need to present in a divorce case to prove a parent is unfit to care for the children?

Answer If she's truly unfit, you should have some evidence, such as phone calls, emails or witnesses. But remember, the primary consideration in a divorce is your children, not yourselves. You m... Read More »

What evidence would the father need to present in a custody hearing to prove that the children were being neglected by their mother?

AnswerBe sure that his ex wife is indeed neglectful of the children because otherwise it's a rotten thing to do. Sometimes ex's are bitter towards each other and will fight over who gets custody of... Read More »