How to Prepare the Interior of a Car for Paint?

Answer Preparing the interior of a car for painting is a tedious but important task. Thorough prep work will protect from over-spray, and result in a smoother paint application. Newer car models may requi... Read More »

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Can I paint flat paint over freshly painted satin paint on interior walls?

On One Hand: Sheen FactorsFlat and satin paint possess two different qualities referred to as the sheen of the paint. IndoBase describes the sheen as, "the amount of light reflected off the painted... Read More »

Can I Paint Flat Paint Over Freshly Painted Satin Paint on Interior Walls?

Do-it-yourselfers can paint over walls coated with freshly applied satin paint. However, they should understand a few points before they begin, or they are likely to end up with peeling or bleed-th... Read More »

How to Prepare the Interior of Your Car for Storage?

As a vintage or classic car owner, you know the importance of protecting your car during storage periods. Whether the storage occurs over winter months or during an extended vacation, the following... Read More »

How to Prepare Exterior Surfaces That Have Peeling Paint for New Paint?

Ten percent of all paint jobs have problems, according Sherwin Williams Co. technical manager, David Chupka. Save time and money by properly preparing surfaces prior to applying new paint, particul... Read More »