How to Prepare for P90X?

Answer P90X is a workout system from by the Beach Body company. This company offers multiple fitness programs, including Turbo Jam and Slim in 6. Tony Horton is the motivating instructor who leads the P90... Read More »

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How do i use p90x?

The program is very intense and I would strongly advise you to purchase the literature at least to avoid injury, overtraining and other issues that may arise if you have not been properly educated ... Read More »

Who is Sophia from P90X?

Sophia is part of the P90X team who is featured in the Legs and Back video only. Another teammember Tony mentions in the video that she is studying to be a dentist. She is a fan favorite, as she is... Read More »

Should i do p90x when trying to lose fat?

I think you should definitely give it a go. P90X will most likely help you loose fat ANYWHERE basically. And if it doesn't work the area you are trying to loose fat from (which I doubt) it still is... Read More »

P90X question for me?

The is a cardio P90X isn't there? If so start with that one.