How to Prepare an Income Statement Under Absorption & Marginal Costing?

Answer Absorption and marginal costing are alternative inventory costing methodologies. They are two varying approaches to determine the cost of products for accounting purposes. The main difference lies ... Read More »

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Under what administration was the top marginal rate of the federal personal income tax lowered?

Many presidential administrations have lowered the top marginal tax rate on personal income. However, the most drastic and permanent decreases came during the Reagan Administration. The top margina... Read More »

How to Calculate Marginal Costing?

Calculating marginal cost lets you know the price to purchase or produce one more item. Marginal cost is defined as the change in cost divided by the change in unit of production. After calculating... Read More »

How to Prepare a Distribution of Net Income Statement?

There are three main financial statements in the annual report. The net income statement is one of these statements. At its core, the net income statement is meant to provide a breakdown of income ... Read More »

How to Prepare an Income Statement & Balance Sheet From Transaction Data?

Anyone who owns or manages a business should learn how to read and interpret a business financial statement. Owners also benefit from learning how to prepare basic financial documents, such as bala... Read More »