How to Prepare an Earthworm for Dissection?

Answer Many school science curricula include dissection labs. In these labs student learn how to dissect small living creatures, such as earthworms or grasshoppers, before graduating to mollusks, amphibia... Read More »

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Dissection Games for Kids?

Fourteen states permit biology students to sidestep dissection. As a result, schools are beginning to use virtual dissection as a tool to teach anatomy to those students who are uncomfortable or of... Read More »

Pig dissection durring swine flu?

You wont catch the swine flu from pigs because the virus is one that is communicable through human-to-human contact. This virus has origins genetically from both pigs and birds, The swine virus mut... Read More »

Virtual Worm Dissection Games?

People interested in biology and the dissection of worms can practice their skills online by playing the game "Earthworm Dissection" from the McGraw-Hill Higher Education Virtual Lab. Unfortunately... Read More »

How to Cope when You Feel Sick During a Dissection?

Yes, like this.So, it's science class and there is a frog or other cadaver waiting for you to dissect it. There's just one problem: You are starting to feel sick and really don't want to do this.