How to Prepare Starfish for Consumption?

Answer Starfish are not actually fish at all. While the name implies that they are fish, starfish are actually echinoderms, which are closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars. The starfish's cousin... Read More »

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What are some good ways to prepare FriChick for human consumption?

I've always wondered the same thing. It comes in a gravy-type sauce right? You could always drain the gravy and cut it into pieces, then marinate it and saute it with some oil until browned. Use... Read More »

LCD Power Consumption - How can you Lower the Power Consumption of an LCD Monitor?

1. Pick an LCD monitor that has low energy costs compared to its size. HP, Lenovo & Samsung meet the mark with their 19-22" models2. The LCD backlight consumes almost 66% of the electricity require... Read More »

Starfish Movement?

The name "starfish" is actually a misnomer, causing many scientists to want to have the name of the species changed. A starfish is not a fish at all, but rather an animal closely related to both th... Read More »

How to Transport a Starfish?

Starfish are among the most striking and sensitive of all saltwater creatures. They are beautiful to gaze at, but require substantial care and attention. Starfish are more sensitive than other aqua... Read More »