How to Prepare Salt Herring?

Answer Herring is one of the most prevalent sources of protein in the world. This fish is found in very high numbers in many European waters and in the Gulf of Maine. Herring breed often and quickly, resu... Read More »

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How to Prepare Sea Salt Soak?

Sea salt, sometimes called Bay Salt or Solar salt, is produced when water evaporates from sea water. It is often produced on islands, such as the Cayman Islands and the Philippines, and in coastal ... Read More »

How to Prepare Salt Fish?

Salting fish as a method of preserving the catches that fishermen brought home was originally only found in hot climates like the Caribbean. As people from the Caribbean started migrating north the... Read More »

How to Prepare Toothpaste From Baking Soda & Salt?

Americans spend approximately $1.8 billion every year on buying toothpaste, according to the Valley Dental Group. Many of these store bought toothpastes and gels contain the ingredient fluoride, wh... Read More »

Is sea salt any different from table salt, or is it better for your health to eat sea salt than regular salt?

Sea salt is considered by some to be a healthier alternative to table salt, since it lacks artificial chemicals used in processing. Despite the iodine content of seawater, however, sea salt typical... Read More »