How to Prepare Salt Fish?

Answer Salting fish as a method of preserving the catches that fishermen brought home was originally only found in hot climates like the Caribbean. As people from the Caribbean started migrating north the... Read More »

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How to Have Salt Fish in Saltwater Fish Tanks?

Saltwater fish are among the most beautiful in the world, and setting up your own saltwater aquarium is an excellent way to bring that beauty into your home. While it is true that saltwater aquariu... Read More »

How to Prepare Fish for Fish Tacos?

Fish tacos is a dish that has recently become more popular among those who enjoy fish and Mexican recipes. A variety of types of fish can be prepared and placed in taco shells with traditional fixi... Read More »

What is the salt to water ratio for salt water fish tanks?

Saltwater aquariums do not use regular salt. They use special marine formulas, and each brand and formula has a different recommendation. There is no easy easy ratio because of so many variables, h... Read More »

How to Salt Fish?

Salting is one of the oldest methods of preservation, and salting fish is easy to do. It allows you to dry and preserve fish so that you can add it to a variety of recipes, including the traditiona... Read More »