How to Prepare Henna Paste?

Answer Henna is a flowering plant with dye properties that can be safely used on skin or hair. Many cultures have a tradition of creating temporary body art with henna paste, and in India, henna art is co... Read More »

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How to Mix Henna Paste?

Henna is a small, flowering shrub native to Africa, northern Australia and parts of Asia. The leaves of the henna plant are harvested and ground into a fine powder that has been used for centuries ... Read More »

How to Use Henna Paste?

Lawsonia inermis, more commonly known as henna, has been used for thousands of years as a natural dye for skin and hair. Henna paste is applied to the skin to create exotic designs in a range of co... Read More »

How to Wash Off Henna Paste?

Henna dye comes from the henna plant. People use the naturally occurring dye in the leaves of the plant to make henna paste. The paste is then painted onto the skin and as the paste sits, the dye a... Read More »

How to Make Art Henna Paste?

Many people enjoy using henna for decorative tattoos, art or as a conditioning alternative to chemical hair color. There are many recipes available for those who want to make homemade henna paste. ... Read More »