How to Prepare Elementary Age Students For a Standardized Reading Test?

Answer Taking a reading test requires preparation and a plan for success. Reading tests most commonly utilize the multiple-choice format. Employ routine steps and procedures so students know how to tackle... Read More »

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Is it better to test older or younger students with a standardized test?

On One Hand: Testing Younger Students Gives More TimeAccording to Oregon English as a second language (ESL) teacher Beverlee Brick, the younger a student receives standardized testing, the sooner e... Read More »

What should students eat during a standardized test?

On One Hand: Healthy SnacksMost standardized tests are given under strict conditions that do not allow eating during the actual test, but many have snack breaks. Experts suggest that healthy snacks... Read More »

How Do I Answer a Reading Prompt on Standardized Test?

Standardized tests can be intimidating, as often much of your success for the entire school year will be judged solely on this one grade. Most standardized tests will include both reading and writi... Read More »

Items to Help Prepare for the Standardized Test for Fourth Grade?

Standardized testing occurs in most public schools during the spring. These tests assess the needs of students and how well teachers are meeting these needs. While taking the tests can be nerve-wra... Read More »