How to Prep a Urethane Bumper?

Answer Urethane bumper covers streamline the look of a vehicle. Since urethane is not a metal, extra prep work is required for paint to stick to the cover. Without proper prep work, the paint will flake o... Read More »

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How to Prep Urethane Primer?

Urethane primer is commonly used in body shops as a surface coat that provides a sealed, protective base on auto panels prior to painting. It possesses a high solid content that is superior to lacq... Read More »

How to Remove Paint from a Urethane Bumper on a Corvette?

Removing the paint from a urethane bumper on a Corvette is a relatively simple process. Since urethane is a plastic, you don't want to use paint stripper or you could damage the structure of the bu... Read More »

How to Prep a Bumper for Paint?

When you prep a bumper for paint, it is essential that you pay attention to every detail. There are several steps which must be performed. If you skip one or do a poor job on any of them, the quali... Read More »

How to Prep a Fiberglass Bumper for Painting?

Painting a fiberglass bumper for a car is not as difficult prospect as it seems. The main problem is getting the bumper clean and patching the nicks in the fiberglass with body putty. Tape off the ... Read More »