How to Precision Drill Holes in Metal?

Answer There are times when a hole drilled into metal must be precise. To drill a precision hole in metal, you will need the right equipment and the correct techniques. A drill press will ensure that the ... Read More »

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How to Drill Very Small Holes with Wire Size Drill Bits?

Drilling small holes with wire-sized drill bits can be especially difficult. The smaller the drill bit, the more likely it is to break. You must be especially careful to keep small drill bits cool,... Read More »

How to Drill Holes Through Glass?

Drilling a hole in sheet glass can be done if the correct type drill bit and glass is selected.

How to Drill Holes in an Exhaust?

Motorcycle enthusiasts sometimes drill a hole in their exhaust pipe as a way of making the bike louder and giving it a bit more power due to extra airflow. A clogged exhaust can prevent a vehicle f... Read More »

How to Drill Holes in Your Sea Glass?

Sea glass is translucent or opaque glass that's been worn smooth either through a manufactured tumbling process or by extended immersion in the sea. These small bits of colorful glass have many dec... Read More »