How to Preach the Parable of the Vineyard?

Answer The parable of the vineyard, found in Matthew 21:33-46, was both thought provoking and challenging to Jesus' audience the day he shared it. Matthew notes that the Pharisees "perceived that he was s... Read More »

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How long did Noah preach before the flood?

According to an article by Joseph B. Romney on, Noah preached for 120 years before the flood came. The World Civilizations page on the Washington State University notes Genesis says Noah wa... Read More »

How many years did Noah preach about the flood?

Noah preached about the flood for 100 years. In Genesis, Chapter 7:5-6, it says, "Noah did according to all the Lord commanded him." Noah was 500 when he received his orders from God and 600 when t... Read More »

Why Jesus never thought his disciple to preach?

Jesus did teach his disciples to preach, and, after receiving the blessing of the Holy Spirit, they went out and preached the Gospel. Several of them were crucified for it.

How long ago did jesus preach the sermon on the mount?

Jesus preached his famous sermon, now called the Sermon on the Mount, in his first year of ministry. This places the date of this sermon around 26 or 27 A.D., over 1,970 years ago.Source:University... Read More »