How to Practice Writing With Modal Verbs?

Answer Modal verbs act differently than other verbs in English. They do not take the letter "s" at their ends in the third person singular in the present tense. The word "not" is placed before them to for... Read More »

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Examples of Action Verbs for Resume Writing?

To get your resume noticed in today's competitive job market, the worst thing it can be is a dull recital of titles you've held and the tasks you performed in each one. What employers look for is a... Read More »

How to Improve Student Writing With Action Verbs?

"Action verbs" are words that show a specific activity being conducted, such as jump, run or kick. While "thinking" and "understanding" are verbs, they are not verbs of a physical action. Action ve... Read More »

How to Practice Writing With Paragraph Topics?

Writing well takes patience and practice, regardless of the grade level or skill. Paragraph writing exercises allow writers to hone their skills at organizing their thoughts, transitioning their po... Read More »

How to Practice for an English 1 Writing Test?

Are you in English I or English II? Well if you have a writing test coming up here are some great ways to practice for it.