How to Practice With Noun Clauses?

Answer A clause is a grouping of words that contains a verb and a subject. In comparison, a phrase is a grouping of words without a verb and subject. A noun clause is a clause that can replace a noun in a... Read More »

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What Are Noun Clauses?

Many people don't realize that noun clauses are an important part of English grammar -- including the noun clause in this sentence! Grammar can be confusing, especially when words are replaced with... Read More »

Practice for Independent & Dependent Clauses?

Creating independent and dependent clauses and using them appropriately requires practice. Make sure you understand the definitions of these clauses and how they function in sentences. Remember tha... Read More »

How to Write a Common Noun for Each Proper Noun?

Nouns are words that describe a person, place or thing. They can be identified as common nouns for more general words which are only capitalized at the beginning of a sentence or proper nouns for m... Read More »

What Are Clauses in a Sentence?

At its most basic level, a clause in a sentence is simply a group of related words that contain a subject and a verb. However, you can break a clause down into further categories, such as independe... Read More »