How to Practice Typing on a Computer Keyboard?

Answer Since the invention of the personal computer in 1975, the ability to have excellent typing skills is a necessity for most people. Most, if not all, schools teach some form of keyboarding class to a... Read More »

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Is 50 words per minute a lot Typing on the computer keyboard?

Depends on the number of mistakes you make. If that is error free, you are doing great.

How to Use a Computer Keyboard for Braille Practice?

Learning the Braille alphabet by means of a computer keyboard is made possible by companies who produce specialized labeling kits. These kits, referred to as "keyboard overlays", contain textured s... Read More »

Typing Practice Exercises?

With the ubiquity of computers in homes and the workplace, typing proficiency has grown into a must-have skill. From novices to advanced typists, practice exercises help grow keyboarding abilities ... Read More »

Typing Practice: The Home Row Keys?

On a keyboard, the middle row of keys beginning with the letter A is referred to as the home row. This is where your fingers rest when not typing. From the home row, you will learn the positions ... Read More »