How to Practice Density Calculations?

Answer Density measures the heaviness of a liquid. This heaviness is expressed at a certain mass per volume. Knowing the density can help predict the flow properties of a liquid as well as its viscosity, ... Read More »

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What do bone mass calculations mean on bone density tests?

A bone mass measurement test is the most reliable method for predicting bone fractures and diagnosing osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.SignificanceBone mass tests can... Read More »

What is the difference between low density&high density heating elements?

The density of a heating element in a water heater refers to the wattage of the element in relation to the amount of its surface area. As the elements density lowers, so does the temperature at whi... Read More »

Exceptions to EER Calculations?

A person's gender, age, weight, height and activity level determine her estimated energy requirement, or EER. Healthy individuals are the basis for EER calculations, but those who have certain inju... Read More »

Sprocket Ratio Calculations?

Motorcycles, bicycles, go-karts and some machinery use sprocket-and-chain drives to transfer power. The power transfer changes with the size of the sprockets. The ratio of the sprockets determines ... Read More »