How to Practice Blast Beats?

Answer Typically used in metal or hardcore music, blast beats are, simply put, fast drumming. They help give the music speed, power and energy. Blast beats typically are fairly basic rhythms, but what can... Read More »

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How to Play Blast Beats Easily?

You can play blast beats without a cymbal, which is great to do for punk and metal stuff. It is easier with a cymbal, but you don't have to use one.

How to Play Blast Beats on the Drums?

The blast beat is a type of pummeling, fast drum rhythm used most commonly in death metal, black metal and grindcore as well as some extreme forms of punk. There are a number of different types of ... Read More »

How to Play Blast Beats Using the Finger Method?

Playing a heavy/death metal blast beat using the finger method, is actually easier than it sounds. Here's how to do it.

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