How to Power a Computer With a 12V Plug?

Answer A personal computer requires a steady supply of power to operate. Most computer systems are designed to run on wall outlet power (120V AC in North America). When the only available power source is ... Read More »

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How do i find out where i plug the power button in on my computer?

It should be close to the Speaker, Reset, and other buttons. It may be labled as PWR on the mother board.

My computer power lead keeps blowing the fuse at the plug 5amp why is this?

You should not upgrade the fuse without checking with the original instructions leaflet (or the makers website) as if there is a fault with the lead or computer you could end up cooking it, you don... Read More »

Can i plug a refrigerater into a power strip with a computer on the powerstrip aswell?

Not recommended. The refrigerator has a large inrush current when it switches on. This will lower the volatge temporarily on the strip for all connected devices. In fact, a refrigerator should not ... Read More »

Can you still print if you plug a network cable to a computer and plug it to the printer with no internet?

Yes. If you don't have a router you might have to manually set IP addresses for the computer and printer. You can use a USB cable if the printer has a USB port, unless you want to share it with oth... Read More »