How to Power a 100 Watt Car Amp in My House?

Answer Car amplifiers can be used inside the home, but the problem is power. A 100W car amplifier is designed to operate on 12 volts DC. This means it draws a little more than 8.32 amperes of current. Th... Read More »

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If i install a 350 watt graphic card on a 450 watt smps power supply. will it work?

It'll work but the problem is, your PSU will work FULLON to provide the power at high rate and will draw more power from the Ac board :)When you doing some high game play or video editingso the pos... Read More »

Can a 1000-watt PC power& cooling power supply unit power three 8800 GTX units?

A 1000-watt power supply will drive three NVidia GeForce 8800GTX video cards with room to spare, since they consume approximately 247 watts of power each. You may want to consider separately power... Read More »

Can a 240 watt 2.0amp dc-ac power inverter power a compact fridge?

Answer AnswerIf, when you state "...240 watt 2.0amp..." you are indicating that 2 amps, or 240 watts at 120 volts, then that inverter will power a device which does NOT draw more than that amount o... Read More »

1000 watt generator power can it power a compact fridge?