How to Powder Coat a Valve Cover?

Answer Valve covers are one of the first things you see when you open the hood. Whether you have a show car or a beloved daily workhorse, powder-coating the valve covers will make them pop when you open t... Read More »

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How to Use Gas to Powder Coat?

Powder coating is a type of paint job. You spray a paint that is in the form of powder onto the object, and then bake it in an oven. The heat of the oven melts and cures the powder to seal it to th... Read More »

How do I powder coat metal?

PreparationStrip the piece of metal of any extraneous material, such as plastic or rubber. Remove any paint with sandpaper until the metal is bare. Clean the metal with a solvent, and allow it to d... Read More »

How to Powder Coat a Frame?

Powder coating is the process in which dried paint particles are electrostatically charged and sprayed on to your frame. The final product is the same as having two coats of cured wet paint on the ... Read More »

How to Buff a Powder Coat?

Powder coating involves dry powder paint adhered to metal with electrostatic charge or compressed air. After coating, the powder coat cures in a hot oven. The curing process melts the paint, creati... Read More »