How to Powder Coat Brake Calipers?

Answer Painting your brake calipers is an ideal way to have your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Brake calipers are visible through the wheels of your car and, when painted, can add a colorful accent. T... Read More »

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How to Use Gas to Powder Coat?

Powder coating is a type of paint job. You spray a paint that is in the form of powder onto the object, and then bake it in an oven. The heat of the oven melts and cures the powder to seal it to th... Read More »

How to Powder Coat a Bike?

Powder coating is a method of painting that eliminates the need for a paint solvent. By using the powder coat method, you can assure a quality finish without any of the defects inherent in wet pain... Read More »

How to Powder Coat a Frame?

Powder coating is the process in which dried paint particles are electrostatically charged and sprayed on to your frame. The final product is the same as having two coats of cured wet paint on the ... Read More »

How to Powder-Coat Jewelry?

Powder-coating lets you give jewelry made of any type of metal a sleek new finish. While powder-coating costs more than simply spray-painting the jewelry, it will produce a more professional result... Read More »