How to Pour Transmission Fluid Down the Carburetor?

Answer Keeping the valves in your vehicle's carburetor clean will help assure that you receive the maximum mileage for every gallon of gas you use. A carburetor is used to regulate the amount of air and g... Read More »

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How to Pour Transmission Fluid into a 1994 Ford F-150?

Your 1994 Ford F-150 will run longer at optimum efficiency if you perform regular maintenance on the truck. Checking all fluids to make sure they're at the proper level is an important part of that... Read More »

How often should brake fluid&transmission fluid be checked?

On One Hand: Schedule Routine InspectionsThe brake fluid level in your car should stay static, so it isn't really necessary to check it often. Consult the manual of your vehicle for how often you s... Read More »

How Often Should Brake Fluid & Transmission Fluid Be Checked?

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Can you pour oil down the drain?

It is not considered safe to pour cooking oil down the drain. The oil can clog pipes and cause backups throughout the entire system. Even running hot water will not be enough to get rid of oil. Whe... Read More »