How to Position Fingers With a Marcel Iron?

Answer Marcel irons are preferred over spring curling irons by most professional hairstylists. However, many consumers find them awkward to handle and difficult to use. Marcel irons can be difficult to ho... Read More »

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How to Curl Hair With a Marcel Flat Iron?

Marcel irons are different from regular curling irons, which are spring-loaded, in that you have to move the iron handles yourself. Marcel irons offer a lot of benefits when curling hair, however. ... Read More »

How to Do Spiral Curls Using a Marcel Curling Iron?

The Marcel curling iron was invented in 1875 by a French inventor named Marcel Grateau. Originally a system of irons that hair was wound around to create curly waves, the Marcel iron has come a lon... Read More »

What's the remedy for Iron burn on fingers?

Cool (not cold) water is the best thing to relieve the burn. You can also use a gel (NOT lotion) with Aloe Vera to keep the area moist and reduce scarring (or if you have an Aloe Vera plant, just... Read More »

How to Get Waves With Marcel Wax?

Hair waves, also called 360 waves, are a popular style for African-American males. Those with curly to very kinky hair that is at least 1 1/2 inches in length are ideal candidates for this hairstyl... Read More »