How to Polish and Port Engine Heads?

Answer The first and most important step in performance-engine building, beyond simple parts replacement, is to port and polish the heads. Although a full port job is something best left to shops that spe... Read More »

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How to Port & Polish SBC Heads?

The relationship between cylinder head airflow and horsepower is very nearly linear. You can replace the intake manifold, exhaust and camshafts, but ultimately, airflow through head determines engi... Read More »

How to Port & Polish Cylinder Heads?

Porting and polishing your cylinder heads will give your engine more horsepower and make it run more smoothly while increasing fuel efficiency. This process is done at many machine shops and can co... Read More »

How to Port and Polish Big Block Chevy Heads?

Cylinder head porting isn't what it used to be. This procedure was seen as something of a black art, best left in the hands of the greatest of gearhead alchemists. Two myths arose from this era of ... Read More »

Differences Between a Mazda Renesis 4-Port & 6-Port Engine?

The latest generation Mazda rotary engines are the RENESIS series. RENESIS engines have upgraded power and fuel efficiency, and come in a 4-port and 6-port model. There are important differences be... Read More »