How to Polish a Plastic Auto Headlight Lens?

Answer Plastic headlight lenses are clear and free of scratches when brand new, but over time they can discolor and turn hazy. Yellowed and scratched lenses prevent your headlights from projecting brightl... Read More »

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How to Polish a Headlight Lens?

Headlights play a crucial role in keeping us safe during night and difficult driving conditions. The Car Care Council states that there is an increased opportunity for accidents if headlights aren'... Read More »

How to Repair & Polish Headlight Lens?

Repairing hazy or dull headlights can be accomplished quickly and with limited supplies. Changing your own headlights can also result in monetary savings. Rather than purchasing new headlights, the... Read More »

How to Polish Plastic Lens Covers?

Most vehicles have protective plastic lenses that cover the headlights. Over time the lenses will get nicks and scratches from rocks and other road debris. The plastic also gets cloudy. This will l... Read More »

How to Polish Plastic Headlight Lenses?

When plastic headlight lenses become cloudy, car owners may look for a simple solution. Cloudy headlight covers can diminish the driver's visibility, which can be a road hazard. If you can't afford... Read More »