How to Polish a Parquet Floor?

Answer The complex pattern of parquet floors is best appreciated when the floor shines. Over time, though, any finish will fade and become dull, and if you have been keeping your floor well waxed, chances... Read More »

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How to Polish Parquet Floors?

Complex parquet floor patterns can best be appreciated when the finish is shiny and defect-free. You can maintain this finish with wax, but over time wax will collect dust and turn yellow, so you p... Read More »

How do you re-finish a parquet floor?

The first thing to consider when refinishing parquet flooring is the method of sanding. In order for you to achieve satisfactory results, you should treat the process with patience. Yes, like any o... Read More »

How do I remove parquet floor glue?

Pouring Warm WaterOpen the windows to ensure proper ventilation and protection from harmful chemical fumes. Pour warm water on the adhesive, and allow it to soak for about 30 minutes to soften the ... Read More »

Can you install carpet on an oak parquet floor?

You can install carpet over hardwood floors. The hardwood provides an even surface, and a solid material that will hold the carpet nails. You can also install the padding underneath the carpet to m... Read More »