How to Polish Your Plastic Headlights?

Answer Ever since car manufacturers began to use plastic to make headlights, car owners have experienced problems with their headlight lenses clouding and yellowing. This happens as the plastic ages, caus... Read More »

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How to Polish White Film Off of Headlights?

The white film that builds up on your headlights can be caused by a few things. Usually, this is just dirt and moisture than has dried, causing watermarks and dust to become embedded into the plast... Read More »

Can you polish plastic?

Plastic can be polished using a commercial-grade plastic polish. Make sure to use the commercial plastic polish that is approved for use with the item that you wish to polish.Source:Tech Guys How t... Read More »

How to Fix Cloudy Plastic Car Headlights?

Cloudy plastic headlight lenses are the result of moisture building up on the inside of the headlight housing and drying out in the sun. At first, the dried moisture leaves water spots. Over time, ... Read More »

How to Buff Plastic Headlights?

Plastic headlights may get scratched, chipped or cracked. The plastic is generally more durable than older glass headlights, and though it can get fogged or unclear over time, with the right produc... Read More »