How to Polish Sanderson Ceramic Headers?

Answer A Sanderson ceramic header is a type of exhaust header covered in a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating helps insulate the exhaust system and distribute heat more evenly. This helps the vehicle ru... Read More »

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What are the benefits of ceramic exhaust headers?

Headers are tubular exhaust manifolds designed to get an engine's exhaust gasses out of the motor as quickly as possible, allowing the engine to make more power. Headers are often coated with a spe... Read More »

How to Polish Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are used on exhaust components in order to keep this area of your car from overheating. They are extremely durable, and as long as you do not try to sand them or attack them with s... Read More »

How do I polish ceramic tile?

Polish FloorsSweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove all the dirt. Purchase a commercial tile cleaner from a home improvements store. Add the cleaner to a plastic sprayer and spray the til... Read More »

How do I polish ceramic tiles?

Sweep your ceramic tile floor to remove dirt, dust and debris. Use a small hand broom or hand vacuum to get under appliances and cabinet edges and into corners.Fill a bucket halfway with warm water... Read More »