How to Polish Out Scratches on a Car?

Answer The surface of your car can be scratched without you even being aware that it happened. On a trip to the shopping market you walk back to your parking spot and find a shopping cart had rolled and n... Read More »

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How to Polish Chrome Scratches?

Chrome looks great, is resistant to rust and harder to damage. But that does not mean it is without problems. In fact, chrome does suffer from scratches sometimes. Fortunately, when you do have scr... Read More »

How to Cut & Polish Scratches Off Your Car?

Anytime you take your car out of the garage or carport, you take chances on getting scratches on it. Cars can become scratched from inclement weather, from birds, squirrels and other critters, and ... Read More »

How do I polish scratches on hardwood floors?

Remove any dirt or grime embedded in the scratch with a clean damp rag. Dry the floor with a clean cloth. Rub a #0000 sandpaper gently on the scratch. Clean away the wood residue with the clean clo... Read More »

How to Polish Scratches From a Camera Lens?

Scratches on a camera lens can ruin pictures, especially in bright light. Whether the lens is plastic or glass, it can be saved by polishing with toothpaste. The soft, abrasive quality of toothpast... Read More »